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We believe that technology can be harnessed to help address many issues in healthcare including scale, affordability, efficacy and more.


Problem Analysis

Investigation of the problem and requirements. Gather information about the vision and goals of the project.


Structural organization & design of content, pages and data.


Screens that typically representing final product.

Usability testing

Test the hypotheses by observing how users interact with the prototype.


The process of developing the final product.

Featured work



a digital engagement experience that supports seamless, personalized workplace health and safety solutions, using APIs for immediate access to optimize use of health benefits, resources, and services and to increase communications through messaging and live agent integration.


Teletherapy tools have allowed therapists to continue to treat patients even in the middle of a pandemic. And every therapist we speak with tells us the same thing—teletherapy is here to stay. So what is the future of teletherapy tools?






NHR is a decentralized, fully-encrypted network that allows users to control who has access to their individual records. So the technology is transparent, but your information isn’t.

Proto Strong

Proto Strong

Proto Strong facilitates the only evidence-based treatment for Anorexia Nervosa in children and adolescents under the age of 18 (Family-Based Treatment or FBT or Maudsley Approach) by making it easier to log meals collaboratively with multiple users and share those logs with the dietician or therapist.

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You’re starting a medical practice. But sometimes getting started can be challenging. That’s why we have the perfect set of products for you.