About us

Our goal

We have dedicated our careers to improving healthcare. We listen to our customers and are proud that they consider us their partners. We are fulfilling a dream — to provide the best products for every customer. It is that dream that drives us, that doesn’t let us sleep, and that guides the spirit of constant innovation.
To help startups, mid size and big healthcare companies kick off and improve their businesses.

Rapidly but without quality loss. We don’t just deliver quality software, we help you to be more successful and drive your topline through customer success, employee productivity and adoption of new technologies and lean processes.
Companies find it more valuable when a solution to a problem is provided by design—increasing conversions, eliminating pain-points, and reducing friction.

The team

We are a design team working with clients around the world. As passionate designers, we love building products that are easy to use, accessible, engaging, and delightful.

Making you smile is our priority. Through thoughtful design, our goal is to create digital experiences that will make your life simpler and more enjoyable.

Teodor Balev

Product Manager

Dimitar Stanchev

UX/UI Designer

Desislava Mihova

UI Developer

Borislav Varlov

UI Developer

Denitsa Stoycheva

Design Sprint Facilitator