Transparent. Open. Decentralized.

NHR is a decentralized, fully-encrypted network that allows users to control who has access to their individual records. So the technology is transparent, but your information isn’t.


About NHR

What are the problems of people travelling during pandemic?

Going through different phases of the current global pandemic, the countries started to require various ways of entering such as PCR test or vaccination. Everybody will need QR code at the airport giving them access to proceed.

How can our application help people solve their problems?

The easiest way to get your QR must be in your pocket.
Our application gives you the code you need within seconds accessing the laboratory you did your PCR test in or shows every vaccine you had.

For frequent travellers

The easies way to have your needed QR code with you is to keep it always in your phone.

For those who need direct contact their clinic or laboratory

Always be in touch with clinic or laboratory you are involved with.

For users in need for keeping all vaccines organised

If having more than one vaccine applied or once that are expected, keeping it organised is now easier.

Easiest way to get QR code for airport authorities

QR code is generated automatically.

Welcome to NHR

We've designed the most intuitive and simple to use interface.


Checking all records

You have all vaccines you had in one single screen where you can easily navigate between.
The user also is notified when the next vaccination will be. You will always be up to date.


Easy access to QR code

The user can easily navigate to generating QR code and their’s personal detailed information.

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